διπλο τζαμι

Replacing single pane glass windows


We can replace your old single glass pane windows with new efficient, energy saving double glazed ones. This will make your house energy efficient by reducing the cold coming in from outside and the heat loss from inside and vice versa in the summer. Double glazing can be placed in your existing aluminum windows as well as in wooden window frames without having to spend a fortune on new aluminum profiles for all your windows and doors.

Window and door maintenance


Call us to come and inspect all your aluminum doors and windows for further insulation and functionality.  Rigs that are not maintained loose efficiency over time.

We offer you the fastest and most economical solution for making your existing windows and doors as efficient as possible.

Interior Decorating and renovations


We offer interior decorating services as well design solutions for custom furniture.

We can provide the best solutions for your bathroom and kitchen renovations according your personal style and taste.