Colored Glasses

Coloured glass is a great alternative to simple clear glass anywhere you put it. They can be placed as backsplashes, dividers, showers, doors, tables and offices. The colour can be matched harmoniously to the existing colour palette you have in the room and it amplify it.

There are over 1300 colours to choose from and are painted to order. There is also the option of having solid blackout colours or sea through colours. The paint used consists of a chemical that adheres to the glass and does not chip or flake over time. It has high tolerance to heat and has no problems with moisture.

If you have a gas stove you will need tempered glass- this does not affect the colour at all- in order to avoid thermal shock and breakage.

Coloured glass is priced by the m2 and the cost is the same as if you were to put high end tiles.


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